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Translation. Inaugural Issue

A transdisciplinary journal

Collana Translation
uscita 2011
pagine 88
ISBN 9788863723700

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indice html: 5 Translation: a new journal 8 Translation: a new paradigm 18 The journal: a presentation Hybridity 19 Homi K. Bhabha From: The Location of Culture Difference 21 Kwame Anthony Appiah From: “Thick Translation” 22 Rosemary Arrojo From: “Translation and Impropriety: A Reading of Claude Bleton’s Les Nègres du Traducteur” 24 Homi K. Bhabha From: “DissemiNation” 25 Bella Brodzki From: Can These Bones Live? Translation, Survival, and Cultural Memory Space 27 Iain Chambers From: “The translated city” Globalization 30 Arjun Appadurai From: Modernity at Large 32 Kwame Anthony Appiah From: Cosmopolitanism. Ethics in a World of Strangers Power 34 Rosemary Arrojo From: “Writing, Interpreting, and the Power Struggle for Control of Meaning: Scenes from Kafka, Borges, and Kosztolany” Media 36 Susan Bassnett From: Susan Bassnett and Esperança Bielsa, Translation in Global News 37 Lawrence Venuti “Film Adaptation and Translation Theory: Equivalence and Ethics” Representation 41 Martha P. Y. Cheung From: “The (un)importance of flagging Chineseness. Making sense of a recurrent theme in contemporary Chinese discourses on translation” 44 Theo Hermans From: Conference of the Tongues 46 Elsa Tamez From: “Three Narratives in Dialogue: the Text, the Translators and the Readers” War and Conflict 49 Emily Apter From: The Translation Zone. A New Comparative Literature 51 Vicente L. Rafael From: “Translation, American English, and the National Insecurities of Empire” Politics 53 Emily Apter From: The Translation Zone. A New Comparative Literature 54 Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak From: Outside in the Teaching Machine Ideology 56 Martha P. Y. Cheung From: “Representation, Intervention and Mediation: A Translation Anthologist’s Reflections on the Complexities of Translating China” 57 Francis Jones From: “‘Geldshark Ares god of War’: Ideology and Time in Literary Translation” Knowledge 59 Robert J. C. Young “Some Questions about Translation and the Production of Knowledge” Contents Memory 62 Bella Brodzki From: Can These Bones Live? Translation, Survival, and Cultural Memory Cultural translation 64 Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak From: “Translation as Culture” 66 Babli Moitra Saraf From: “Translation as Cultural Practice” 68 Maria Tymoczko From: “Reconceptualizing Translation Theory” (World) Literature 72 Susan Bassnett From: “When is a Translation Not a Translation?” 72 David Damrosch From: “Death in Translation” 74 David Damrosch From: “How American is World Literature?” 75 Suzanne Jill Levine From: The Subversive Scribe: Translating Latin American Fiction Transdisciplinarity 78 Susan Bassnett From: “The Translation Turn in Cultural Studies” 79 Lourens J. de Vries From: “Runny icky material moved into liquid from the wind blowing on it: linguistics as translation” 82 Patricia Willson “Translation as a metaphor in scientific discourse”

Recent developments in our contemporary world (globalization, interculturalism, global and transcultural communication through the web) are challenging every traditional concept of translation. It is time to go beyond the traditional borders of the discipline, and even beyond interdisciplinary studies, and inaugurate a transdisciplinary research field with translation as an interpretive as well as operative tool. Today, translation has to be considered as a transformative representation of, in, and among cultures. Translation is poised to become a powerful epistemological instrument for reading and assessing cultural exchange. We imagine a new era that could be termed Post-Translation Studies, an era of fundamental transdisciplinarity. Translation invites new thinking about what translation is today, about where translation occurs, and about how we can find new words to speak about translation. We wish to establish a dialogue with any area of research in which translation is implicitly or explicitly occupying a conceptual position – whether central or marginal.

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